Watch out for flying cockroaches this summer

Cockroaches are often one of the most hated household pests. They can cause quite a commotion, especially when you have flying cockroaches coming at you.

Freaked Out by Flying Cockroaches?

Some pests are considered serious threats because of the damage they do or the diseases they spread. Other pests are problematic because of their creep factor. Flying cockroaches combine the two. Cockroaches are a known vector for disease. They can contaminate food sources and cause allergies, so they are dangerous pests. A flying cockroach is no more dangerous than other cockroaches, but since they will fly at people, they seem that much more threatening.

Cockroaches in New Zealand

Worldwide, there are over 4,500 cockroach species. Australia and New Zealand have over 450 native species of cockroach. Fortunately, one six of those cockroaches are found in homes in New Zealand. Those are the German, American, Smokey Brown, Brown-banded, Oriental, and Australian cockroaches. Four of them fly: the American, Smokey Brown, Brown-banded, and Australian ones.

Where Are These Cockroaches Located?

Most flying cockroaches are outdoor roaches. That means that they make their homes in outdoor areas, usually those located along the coast or in damp, humid areas. They live in places like drains and gardens. However, while many cockroaches prefer to live outside, that does not mean that they stay outside. Cockroaches may get into your homes by accident or in search of food.

Flying Cockroaches

Like other cockroaches, flying cockroaches primarily move around by crawling. They are rapid crawlers that can stay on all kinds of surfaces. When they do fly, they are not like other flying insects. Instead, they travel short distances. If they are located in a higher place when they start to fly, they can manage longer distances. However, when they decide to fly it is often as a way to avoid perceived threats. That is why people often see flying cockroaches when they surprise them. If you have cornered a cockroach, that is also why flying cockroaches appear to try to fly at you. They are probably trying to fly away from you, but they will seem to be flying at you if you are blocking an exit.

Get Rid of These Cockroaches

Fortunately, we can help you with your cockroach problem. Our home protection plans offer preventative care and extermination services targeting roaches and other pests. Our SMART system can also track your businesses cockroach population and attract them to traps to eradicate them. Whether it’s a home or a business, call us today for help getting rid of your cockroach problem. Did you know? Did you know that despite being omnivores, cockroaches have been observed to bite humans on our fingernails, feet, and/or hands! Read more about cockroach bites here.