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    Flick Anticimex has been providing safe and effective pest control services to our local families for over 100 years. Seemingly innocent yet extremely dangerous pests have been plaguing families and homes for centuries.

    We continuously strive to help our customers achieve minimal pest activity around their homes using safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials. The health and safety of people, pets, and the environment are a top priority at Flick Anticimex. We apply residual materials to necessary areas which may include ceilings, carpets, rugs, wood and tile flooring, effective against the heaviest infestations, yet extremely low in toxicity to humans and pets.

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    Common Household Pests


    Ant solutions are solvable through the use of an integrated pest management (IPM) system and through the assistance of the homeowners or tenants. No matter the severity of the infestation, whether it be mild or severe, professional pest control is the trusted option.

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    Our technicians are regularly trained and work according to national standards to deliver reliable and effective cockroach control to the New Zealand public.

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    Possums are proven pests of New Zealand, spreading dangerous diseases like bovine Tb (tuberculosis), wreaking havoc on natural flora, and also threatening the safety of native species like kōkako, weta, land snails, and kākāriki birds.

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    Rats and mice reproduce at an alarming rate, infesting homes and businesses with their offspring, faecal matter, mites and the diseases that they carry around.

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    Spiders are not easily controlled creatures. They are extremely beneficial to the Australian eco-system, however, there are urban pest spiders which pose a risk to the health and safety of your family.

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    Customer Reviews


    Your service technician is lovely and always happy even though she is not doing the most pleasant of jobs.

    -J. Anthony


    Very easy to use service. Our technician is prompt, professional and very friendly.

    -L. Esau


    Anticimex Smart ticked all the boxes. We’ve never liked being second best, and I’m personally triggered by new technology.

    -Anders Paulsson, Vice President, JITECH


    Thanks to the traps being self-sufficient and monitored digitally with reports sent to Anticimex, we do not need to do anything at all.

    -Lotta Linnér, Supply Quality Assurance, Galvin Green AB


    We promise our customers high quality. Efficient pest control is a central part of that.

    -Daniel Bergström, Store Manager, ICA Kvantum Knivsta