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    Ant solutions are solvable through the use of an integrated pest management (IPM) system and through the assistance of the homeowners or tenants. No matter the severity of the infestation, whether it be mild or severe, professional pest control is the trusted option. Our trained technicians with their years of knowledge will ensure that the ant infestation on your property can be eliminated through thorough inspections and use of new-generation pesticides. Wiping down counter tops and meticulous cleaning may aid controlling the ant population around your home, however, professional treatment conducted by a Flick Anticimex technician is fool-proof.

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    How do I need to prepare my home for an ant control treatment?

    There is limited preparation for ant control treatments. No furniture will need to be relocated prior to service.

    Customers are welcome to stay home during the treatment (unless otherwise advised by the technician), however, for families with unborn or newborn babies, we recommend minimising exposure to pesticides. So, if the spray takes place internally, we recommend vacating for a few hours.

    For pet owners, we recommend removing the animal/s, their food bowl, and toys from the internal area being treated. Also, please remember to replace the bowls after the product has dried and service is declared over. If it’s an external treatment, please relocated the animal to the garage, laundry, neighbouring property, or a friend’s property. The animal can be returned outside once the treatment has dried (3-4 hours dependent upon weather conditions).

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    How do ant control inspections work?

    Ant inspections are conducted by trusted pest professionals, who are familiar with the workings and behavioural patterns of ants. During an inspection, your technician will thoroughly roam the home and check for the following things:

    • Species –  In New Zealand, there are 40 confirmed invasive ant species. These are the broken into genera and subfamilies, all of which may vary in the problems caused to your home. So, identifying the species and genera is extremely important as they all have different food and nesting preferences. These things will later determine which treatment to use and the best method of application.
    • Ant Nests – Locating the ant nests surrounding your home will ensure the problem is solved from the root. Finding the nest can be a complex process. Fortunately, our pest technicians pair regular training and their personal experience in locating the ant nests around your home. The best way to locate the nest then is to depend on a trusted Flick Anticimex pest control technician. 

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    What methods are used to control ants?

    There are two methods to control ants. These two methods are:

    • Chemical Treatments – Chemical treatments form something like a barrier to protect against future ant infestations. The treatment comes in two forms: (1) liquid, and (2) dry powder formulates to granules. We always try sourcing products that will be safe to use near your family and pets, so the predominant active ingredient is based on synthetic pyrethroids. The effectiveness of the chemical treatment will depend on the species of ant, the placement of the treatment and the form, but your technician is trained to provide the chemical form and placement that best suits your property and the surrounding environment.
    • Ant Baiting – Ant baits are used by technicians to attack the nest directly over an extended period of time. They are placed in areas with high ant activity, where the ant will come in contact with the bait and bring it back to the colony. This is a highly effective ant control tool as if the baiting job is well done with the use of the correct bait (depends on ant species), the colony can be eradicated in one single visit.  Unfortunately, the baits need to be replenished over time and the process of moving the bait into the colony will take time, but we would like to assure customers of its effectiveness and reliability.

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    Professional vs DIY Pest Control

    When it comes to ant control, you can trust us to effectively keep ants away from your home. Our technicians are professionals in pest control and regularly undergo training sessions to keep their knowledge up to date. At Flick Anticimex, we highly recommend against using DIY pest control treatments for a number of reasons.

    We know the type of environments around your home that ants love, the types of ants invading your home, and have learned secrets about their habits. Our professional pest controllers have specialised equipment and a wide variety of ant control products that are only accessible to registered pest controllers.

    We provide warranty for ant treatments performed by our technicians (conditions apply and subject to change).

    After Treatment Tips

    • 01
      Clean up food spills immediately

    • 02
      Remove unconsumed pet foods

    • 03
      Regularly change pet feeding stations

    • 04
      Seal all cracks and crevices

    • 05
      Trim plants that touch exterior of home