Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites only attack moist wood. They frequently attack the underground parts of shrubs and small trees, fence posts, baseboards, tree stumps, fallen tree branches and doorframes of buildings. They are also commonly found in old wood decks, leaky roof eaves, leaky showers/tubs or substructures with inadequate ventilation or plumbing leaks. Although not subterranean in nature, dampwood termites often nest in wood beneath the soil. They don’t require contact with soil in order to obtain moisture for survival, but wood with a high degree of moisture is needed. Therefore they are often found in cool, humid areas along the coast. They swarm (in small groups) periodically throughout the year and it is common to see the swarming reproductives caught in spider webs next to exterior lights, as they are instinctively attracted to light. Dampwood termites produce faecal pellets similar to the drywood termite, but it is slightly larger with a more irregular shape. Chemical treatment may not be necessary for the control of dampwood termites. Since they require timber with high moisture content, correction of the problem can be as simple as replacing the damaged timber in conjunction with eliminating the moisture source.