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    Safe & Effective Pest Control In Wellington

    Our local experts provide safe and effective pest control services in Wellington, with Flick Anticimex being a trusted name in New Zealand & Australia.

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    Located in Upper Hutt, we provide pest control to home and businesses in Wellington. We have a team of local experts who know and understand the pest control needs of Wellington residents. We can provide pest control services for a variety of pests, including cockroaches, rats, mice, borers and more!

    In 2017, Target Pest Control Wellington proudly joined the Flick Anticimex family! Give our Wellington team a call on 04 595 4297, so that we can arrange a pest inspection and quote you a competitive price. For customers in Wairarapa and Manawatu call 0800 284 729.

    Common Pests in New Zealand


    Any untreated timber in your home is vulnerable to borers or woodworm.

    Common house borer can attack exterior weatherboard, interior walls, flooring and roof timbers leaving holes and damaging the integrity of the structure. Early detection and treatment are essential in avoiding structural damage and costly repairs.

    When purchasing a new home, checking for borer and termites is an essential step of your due diligence process. Flick technicians will survey your property for borer activity, the species and severity of the infestation. They then tailor the treatment depending on your circumstances.


    There are four types of cockroaches common to New Zealand. The Native and Gisborne cockroaches are found mainly in the bush, but can still be found inside homes trying to escape the colder weather.

    The American cockroach and smaller German cockroach varieties like warm areas inside the home, often invading electrical appliances and hiding behind fridges. Cockroach droppings can pose a health risk, and proper treatment is needed to break the breeding cycle.

    Our technicians use a combination of low toxicity treatments to provide the best solution to cockroach problems.


    The climate in New Zealand makes it an environment for rats and mice to thrive. Gaining access to your home through gaps in brickwork and roof tiles, these pests can cause considerable damage by chewing through electrical cords and food packaging, contaminating food. Often nesting in roofs and wall cavities, rats and mice will leave droppings and are famous for spreading diseases to those who interact with their droppings or come in contact with dust that has touched rodent droppings.

    Homes closer to restaurants or food related businesses, are at higher risk of rat infestation and should take extra care in preventing rodents from gaining entry. 

    Flick Anticimex’s pest control team will inspect your home and offer a range of solutions to prevent rat problems. Flick also supply commercial rodent control solutions suited to restaurants and similar businesses.

    Suburbs we service in the Wellington area:

    Flick Wellingand Target Pest Wellington are happy to provide our pest control services to homes and businesses in the Wellington area and all surrounding suburbs. To find out if our local experts are able to service your area, feel free to call us at 04 887 9288. For customers in Wairarapa and Manawatu call 0800 284 729.

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