How to Protect Your Home from Borers

Termites do such extensive damage to homes in Australia that many people get alarmed when they hear about another wood-damaging insect, the borer. Wood borers are a beetle that can damage the wood around your home. In fact, you may have heard them referred to by another name, woodworm. While you do not want these pests destroying your home, they are not nearly the same level of threat as termites are. You can easily take steps to protect your home from borers. 

First, you need to know what wood borers are. Borers refer to woodboring beetles. That is not a species but a general description of the many types of beetles that eat and destroy wood at some point in their development. In Australia, the most common wood boring beetles are powderpost beetle, auger beetles, pinhole beetles, weevils, wood moths, jewel beetles, longicorn beetles, and Queensland pine beetle., Some wood borers attack wood as larvae, while others eat it in their adult forms.  

It can be difficult to identify borers. They generally cause damage while they are still larvae. They hatch in wood, and then they bore their way out to fly away. That is why they cause damage and why you want to protect your home from borers. Therefore, it can be difficult to spot them before any damage is done.  

The biggest sign that you have borers is the holes that they create. They look a little like screw holes. They also have piles of sawdust nearby. Just keep in mind that you are looking for small piles of sawdust and relatively small holes.  

Once you determine that you have borers, you need a little more information to tackle the problem. What type of woodboring beetle is present? Are they still there? What kind of damage have they done? Where are they located? 

If your wood borer problem is strictly outside, you may think about handling it as a DIY project. While there are effective chemicals that can treat wood borers, we caution against that. At the very least, you want a professional to inspect your home to make sure the borers are truly limited to outdoors. 

One way to protect yourself from borers is to treat your wood. Painted or lacquered timber is protected from borer beetles. However, you may not be able to paint or lacquer all of your wood. In that case, routine pest control from a pest control professional is your best bet at keeping wood borers away. 

Flick Anticemex has a variety of pest management programs designed to help keep your home pest-free. We can prevent and treat wood borer infestations, as well as provide other comprehensive pest control solutions.