How do I get rid of spiders in my house?

New Zealand has over 2500 species of spiders with 97% native to the north and south islands. Unlike the deadly Australian redback spider, which is now in Aotearoa, most spiders are more of a nuisance than a health risk.

Why do spiders invade homes in Christchurch?

Spiders will set up home in your home if they have insects to feast on. Usually, rain will send them inside looking for shelter. However, most aren’t dangerous.

Spiders such as the Christchurch huntsman are nocturnal and usually live under the bark of trees. But they’ll venture inside under the right conditions.

The white tail spider will come inside as summer days get brighter, dryer and warmer. South Canterbury residents have noticed more of these creepy crawlies around the house as the rain has increased, especially in Timaru.

South Christchurch suburbs, such as Woolston have seen an increase in another, less dangerous Aussie import, the little humped spider.

How to stop spiders from coming inside our homes

Sealing cracks, vacuuming webs, egg sacs and insects can slow spiders down. But the best way to stop spiders from entering your home is by getting professional help.

Flick will tailor the treatment according to the spider species and infestation. They may need to apply a residual to tight spaces where the spider’s body, rather than just the feet will come in contact with the treatment. This may be in crevices or the trim around windows.

Whacking a spider with a shoe is a short term fix. To get rid of spiders once and for all you need professionals to treat the area with a long term solution.

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