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We recognise that services need to be delivered in a manner which is tailored to suit the individual requirements of each of our clients.

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New Zealand has strict biosecurity requirements for goods being imported and exported, and for good reason. The introduction of pests and diseases to our shores pose serious health and environment hazards. Regardless of vessel or cargo type, Flick Anticimex knows how to eradicate the pests allowing you to meet the strict requirements as set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The types of pests that are more commonly found hiding in vessels or cargo loads include:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Pest beetles
  • Moths
  • Mosquitoes
  • Wasps

Companies operating with vessels or cargo types coming in and out of New Zealand shores must ensure that they:

  • keep decks, holds free of standing water (to prevent mosquito breeding);
  • clean spills, residue or debris;
  • properly store foods and dispose of garbage;
  • report any sighting of pests on the vessel; and
  • comply with the MPI Standard 'Requirements for Vessels Arriving in New Zealand'.

Failure to declare biosecurity risk goods imported to New Zealand can result in a $400 NZD fine if risk good was imported/exported unintentionally, or a maximum fine up to $100,000 NZD and/or 5 years imprisonment if risk good was imported/exported intentionally.

Flick Anticimex is 12MP15 certified to carry out import/export and bulk fumigation services in New Zealand. Our fumigation services can be carried out on full containers, loose cargo loads, ships and/or silos. We also carry out our own fumigant gas monitoring, allowing freedom and flexibility to fumigate your facility when required.

For more information on Flick Anticimex's fumigation services, feel free to call us at 0800 101 969 or email us at info@flick-anticimex.co.nz

For more information on bringing your vessel into New Zealand, visit the MPI site. For more information on New Zealand customs visit the Customs Service site.

Customer Reviews


Your service technician is lovely and always happy even though she is not doing the most pleasant of jobs.

-J. Anthony


Very easy to use service. Our technician is prompt, professional and very friendly.

-L. Esau


Anticimex Smart ticked all the boxes. We’ve never liked being second best, and I’m personally triggered by new technology.

-Anders Paulsson, Vice President, JITECH


Thanks to the traps being self-sufficient and monitored digitally with reports sent to Anticimex, we do not need to do anything at all.

-Lotta Linnér, Supply Quality Assurance, Galvin Green AB


We promise our customers high quality. Efficient pest control is a central part of that.

-Daniel Bergström, Store Manager, ICA Kvantum Knivsta