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    Looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions?

    Business consumables make up a significant part of a business’s costs. If you’re tired of paying too much for your business consumables or relying on companies that don’t always deliver, you can count on Flick Anticimex. All businesses, from large facilities to small commercial enterprises, need to have access to modern, reliable and cost-effective paper and janitorial options. From paper consumables, soap re-fills and air freshener refills, we handle your business consumables so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

    Premium toilet consumables for comfort and reliability

    We inspect premises and conduct interviews in order to identify and assess current or future risks to your business. Based on our findings, we will create a tailored plan optimised for your business and deal with any current rodent issues.

    Paper consumables just need to be no-fuss. Flick Anticimex offers premium toilet consumables for different budgets that ensure comfort, reliability, and durability. Designed to fit our high capacity paper dispensers, we offer a variety of toilet paper and paper towel consumables.

    Toilet Paper

    Flick Anticimex offers an extensive range of premium quality toilet tissues and Paper Products. Our value-for-money range of virgin pulp, environmentally friendly paper products from our Tork range of paper products including jumbo rolls, folded, mini rolls and conventional toilet paper rolls. Our toilet paper consumables are designed to serve different needs and environments. Choose the right one for you and your business and consult with one of our sales representatives today.

    Paper Towels

    Proper hand hygiene is essential for the reduction of illnesses and the promotion of better productivity in the workplace. Paper towels are an optimal solution for busy, high traffic washrooms. Flick Anticimex’s Tork range paper products are created with environmental and sustainability considerations as a top priority. Our dispensers are robust, easy to use and provide a modern ergonomic option for washrooms and offices, while the paper towels are soft and absorbent.

    Simple, easy and pleasant air freshener re-fills

    Acting as both a fragrancing and sanitising freshener, these refills will ensure the freshness of your business. First impressions are everything, and those in the retail, office and fitness industries, scent is everything. In a variety of fragrance options, choose to fill your business with the subtle scents of lavender, frangipani, powder fresh, fresh linen and more.

    Anti-bac and pH balanced hand soaps

    Hand washing is important for hygiene in any business or home environment. Our gentle and dermatologically tested hand soap options come in a variety of types to meet all needs; from liquid and foam perfumed options to no-nonsense anti-bacterial varieties with no added perfume.

    All our soap options are:

    • Safe for sensitive skin
    • Pleasantly fragranced or available in unscented form
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Ideal for frequent use

    Our soap offerings ensure that harmful bacteria is removed from your hands while maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Provide maximum protection for your washroom users by choosing Flick Anticimex’s soap options.

    Janitorial options for the hygiene conscious

    Hand Sanitiser Spray

    With 70% alcohol content as according to World Health Organisation standards, our hand sanitiser spray refills complete the hand hygiene process. Preventing cross-contamination, our hand sanitiser sprays come in two forms: liquid and gel. Mildly perfumed and ultra quick drying; complete the hand hygiene process with our anti-bacterial hand sanitiser sprays.

    Toilet Seat Spray

    Combat the harmful bacteria that sits on the toilet seat. Previous studies indicate that harmful bacteria have been found living on the surface of toilet seats and on their fixtures. Use more than just toilet paper to act as a barrier; our mildly perfumed and ultra quick drying toilet seat spray is proven in its effectiveness and reliability.

    Urinal and WC Sanitiser

    Our sanitiser re-fills work with our urinal and WC sanitiser dispensers. With every toilet flush, our sanitiser will act as a protective coating on the surface of the water, combatting the harmful germs that often become airborne after a flush. The anti-bacterial property also helps prevent staining and build-up of uric acid inside the toilet or urinal.


    • Local people, global support

      We have the experience and global support needed to deliver our integrated hygiene programmes through all our local branches.

    • Quality performance

      Together with our employees, exclusive subcontractors and agents, we deliver localised, professional, high quality and compliant services across all state contracts.

    • Dedicated team

      Flick Anticimex has 800+ front-line operational personnel, administration staff and remote agents across 60+ branches and depots throughout Australia and New Zealand who aim to deliver quality services nation-wide everyday.

    • Regular servicing

      Let us take care of your workplace’s hygiene needs so you can focus on the other tasks needed for your business. We offer regular servicing for our washroom products that are adjusted to your schedule.

    • Competitive pricing

      We provide quality solutions at prices that challenge our competition. Plus, we provide a variety of washroom solutions that can suit any budget.

    • Tailored washroom solutions

      Don’t be locked into a washroom and hygiene package that you won’t fully benefit from. Tailor your washroom package according to your needs, and the needs of customers and employees. Pick and choose the washroom solution that’s right for you, and our technicians will happily install and service regularly.