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    Flick Smart Pest Control

    Anticimex Smart – the more intelligent solution to rodent control. Anticimex Smart is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on things you don’t want to see. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, you can avoid costly rodent infestations in an environmentally-friendly way.

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    Safe and effective pest control

    Flick Anticimex, the pest control company that gets rid of pests and your anxiety.

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    Anticimex Smart Rodent Control

    In order to combat rodent problems in our businesses and our communities, there is an urgent need for new, efficient and non-toxic methods.

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    Dreaming of a cleaner washroom?

    We provide support in defining your needs and recommending a premium washroom solution. We look after all your hygiene requirements from installation to regular maintenance.

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    Business Consumables

    Business consumables make up a significant part of a business’s costs. If you’re tired of paying too much for unreliable companies, count on Flick Anticimex

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    Common Workplace Pests

    • Ants

      Ant solutions are solvable through the use of an integrated pest management (IPM) system and through the assistance of the homeowners or tenants. No matter the severity of the infestation, whether it be mild or severe, professional pest control is the trusted option.

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    • Birds

      Introduced bird species like the feral pigeon have settled in urban areas, wreaking havoc on native species and ruining storefronts with their excrements.

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    • Cockroaches

      Our technicians are regularly trained and work according to national standards to deliver reliable and effective cockroach control to the New Zealand public.

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    • Rodents

      Rats and mice reproduce at an alarming rate, infesting homes and businesses with their offspring, faecal matter, mites and the diseases that they carry around.

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