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Bugbusters Manawatu

Welcome Bugbusters Manawatu customers. Did you know Bugbusters Manawatu has merged with Flick Anticimex, one of New Zealand's leading pest control companies?

The friendly team from Bugbusters are still providing pest control services across to Manawatu and surrounding areas, including Palmerstone North, Napier, Hunterville, Mangaweka, and Whanganui.

Bugbusters have been the specialist commercial and residential pest control provider to Manawatu and surrounding areas. Bugbusters were known for offering commercial possum, bird and borer control, and residential flea, spider and cockroach control.

Bugbusters Manawatu are thrilled to be combing their local expertise with Flick’s leading pest control technology to provide you the best solution for your home, business, commercial property, or body corporate.

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    Our Services

    On top of the outstanding customer service and pest control you have always received from Bugbusters Manawatu, you now have access to a wider array of Flick Anticimex services across New Zealand.

    Take advantage of Flick’s innovative SMART Digital Pest Control to protect your commercial and strata premises from rodents and pests. Enjoy access to Flick’s washroom and hygiene services, including our high-grade disinfection services.

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    Common Pests


    Ant solutions are solvable through the use of an integrated pest management (IPM) system and through the assistance of the homeowners or tenants. No matter the severity of the infestation, whether it be mild or severe, professional pest control is the trusted option.

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    Our technicians are regularly trained and work according to national standards to deliver reliable and effective cockroach control to the New Zealand public.

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    Possums are proven pests of New Zealand, spreading dangerous diseases like bovine Tb (tuberculosis), wreaking havoc on natural flora, and also threatening the safety of native species like kōkako, weta, land snails, and kākāriki birds.

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    Rats and mice reproduce at an alarming rate, infesting homes and businesses with their offspring, faecal matter, mites and the diseases that they carry around.

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    Spiders are not easily controlled creatures. They are extremely beneficial to the Australian eco-system, however, there are urban pest spiders which pose a risk to the health and safety of your family.

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    The Flick Difference

    What makes us the industry leader?

    Flick is one of the leading pest control and hygiene companies in New Zealand, with over 40 branches across the pacific.

    Flick’s portfolio includes residential and commercial pest control services for rodents, borers and common pests including ants, bed bugs, birds, flying insects, cockroaches, and stored product pests.

    Protect your business from pests with Flick’s SMART Digital Pest Control. SMART fights pests with data instead of poison. SMART Digital Pest Control monitors your business around the clock, to detect pests before they become a costly issue without the need for harmful biocides.

    Flick also offers an extensive range of essential washroom and hygiene solutions. Our range encourages good health and hygiene practices to reduce the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria in commercial workplaces and public service areas. We work in every industry.

    Safeguard your home, office, or workplace with Flick’s powerful disinfection service. Our high-grade broad-spectrum mister disperses fine disinfecting micron particles that target all surfaces to kill and prevent the spread of viruses, such as COVID-19*.

    Call Flick now on 0800 710 010 to schedule a free site visit. To learn more about Flick, click here.

    *ARTG No. 355810

    Commercial Pest Solutions

    Integrated Pest Management Solutions

    Our Integrated Pest Management program uses the latest technology focusing on prevention and addressing the root of the causes of pest problems to ensure a pest free environment for commercial workplaces and facilities. Our solutions are tailored to proactively prevent and help mitigate the impact and risk of a pest infestation. We combine tailored multi-faceted solutions with our latest digital pest technology supported by our highly regulated experienced team of technicians to bring you the best in pest control. Let us create a customised plan for your workplace today.

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    SMART Digital Pest Control

    Our SMART Pest Control is an intuitive digital pest control system that keeps an eagle eye on your business with automated detection of rodents, cockroaches and moths. SMART technology will monitor rodent activity around the clock. On detection, the technology instantly reacts, records and reports activity, using non-toxic methods trapping rodents in an environmentally friendly way. Combine SMART automation with our regular pest control services for integrated, blanket protection against all major pests.

    Learn more by visiting our SMART page or call 0800 710 010.

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