7 Ways To Combat Mosquitoes

With the onset of Spring and then Summer just around the corner, we as responsible parents & homeowners should be conscious of the health risks, disruption and annoyance associated with mosquitoes.

Recent headlines and news reports about the Zika Virus has raised concerns and awareness about mosquitoes.  

When considering what can be done to combat these invasive little disease-carrying intruders, we should begin at home by modifying the environment and making the property or site less mosquito friendly. 

If there is water catchment areas, causeways, ponds, creeks, swamps, settling ponds, water courses, hollow trees or wetlands (mosquito breeding sites), contact your council to find out what is being done to reduce the incidence of mosquito in your area by your local authorities.

Closer to home though, there are pro-active measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes ruining your work, family and leisure time.  


  • Proof or seal off gaps and holes in the building exteriors where mosquitoes can gain entry inside.
  • Attach weather strips to the bottom of doors where gaps appear.
  • Ensure all windows and doors have tight fitting insect screens.

 Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites where possible:

  • Ensure blocked gutters are cleared.
  • Water tanks must be screened.
  • Remove old water holding containers and rubbish like bottles, water tanks, tins, old tyres, rubbish, etc .
  • Keep empty birdbaths, bromeliads and other objects which can hold water & provide a breeding medium.